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  • David Wilcock (NewAge-Alien-Antisemitic agenda disinfo agent? interview with him)
    • books
    • He claims the Rothschild's 'Illuminati' clique financed and orchestrated the French Revolution, Russian Revolution, without ever mentioning the Vatican-Jesuit-Masonic network crime facts. This is a big historical error, or more likely part of his disinfo agenda!
    • projectcamelot.org
    • video's
    • In contrast to Michael Tsarion, he does sometimes discusses the Plasma cosmos and Entheogens (albeit very rarely).
      • However he does not seem to fully acknowledge nor describe the historical facts of "Alien disinfo agenda" (see also the literature list here). The "Alien disinfo agenda" secondary function (after its primary disinformation function) is as a cover for the advanced energy research. Neither will he acknowledge that last fact.
    • See also: [1]