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“If you are not shaping your own reality, then someone else is doing it for you.” - Neil Kramer
"Any sufficiently advanced technology is indistinguishable from magic."- Arthur C. Clarke



Knowledge control

  • Knowledge theft (lockup of books/manuscript/artifacts/archeological-sites/collected-oral-culture-wisdom)
  • Knowledge destruction (people murder, genocide, book burnings, censorship)
  • Knowledge constraints (state-sanctioned monopolies, licensing)
    • Secrecy (secret archives, oaths of secrecy, 'national security', trade secrets)
    • Patents (monopolies on idea's and their implementation)
    • Perpetual copyrights (culture deprivation, etc.)
    • Elitist science (selective corporate/military/government funding, archive publishing censoring, archive access blocking)

Lust based programming



  • Todo: Consensus trance shaping culture

New Age agenda

False relief

  • The strategy of the delayed: A way to make accept an unpopular decision is to present it as "painful but necessary", by obtaining the agreement of the public for a future application (Ex: Bailout Package). It is always easier to accept a future sacrifice rather than an immediate one. First, because the effort doesn’t have to be provided immediately. Secondly, because the public still tend to naively hope that "everything will be better tomorrow" and that the sacrifice required may be avoided. Finally, this leaves time for the public to get used to the idea of change and accept it with resignation when the time comes.
  • Todo: false hope deceit


  • Todo: tv, sugar/fats, tobacco, alcohol, narcotics, antidepressant/sedative medicines, 'mainstream/pop' music, gaming/web-surfing addiction, ...
  • Television:
    • "You will need to study frequencies and different frequency effects on the brain patterns. You have been caught up in it my friend, we all have, we simply do not realise it. When you watch the TV this puts your brain in the Alpha state. Whatever it makes you more susceptible to subliminals for instance and consumerism. Study yourself gorping at the tell-a-lie-vision." [1]
    • "How television controls and programs minds"


  • The trade in hard drugs is very important to the Elite for a number of reasons: it provides a source of income to finance other covert operations; it creates a 'problem' for which the public demands a 'solution' of increased police powers and the erosion of personal freedom in an effort to stop the supply; and, by addicting large numbers of particularly the younger generation to hard drugs, self-respect and the ability to think independently are diminished.
  • Society can be controlled by the control of drugs. This industry brings in unimaginable amounts of money which is accountable to no one. By making drugs plentiful at little or no price many people can be addicted and reduced to a form of euphemistic slavery under the complete control of the suppliers.
  • The government, via the CIA


See also Conspicuous consumption
  • Lifetime versus Money-acquiring time wasting (economic slavery)
  • video: The merchants of cool
  • The Mass Man [3]
    • The Mass Man has become the cultural norm and he tries to conquer the world where you are supposed to be a replica, supposed to conform. The aim today is global conformity and the mass man comes in many shapes and sizes and wear different styles of clothing, belonging to one of the dozen types of popular and trendy groups market-interests has created for us. Under that charade, they're all of the same, they just dress themselves and some of their thoughts differently. The mass man is the product of modernism, unconsciously he's a product of many conscious forces like cultural-marxism and the critical-theory. He is the global consumer and empty track through which gadgets can pass quickly so there is always space for more. The mass man has no purpose, and no final end intrinsic to himself. He is a tool to sell false material needs, which lack quality and spiritual quality, long-lasting psychic-profit, they're just small injections of false satisfactions which in the long run turns out to be dissatisfactions. To get rid of the dissatisfaction, you add to the mountain of dissatisfactions by injecting another shot of consuming a product and feeling good about it for a moment. That short, quick urge for something and in the lack of roots, identity and direction, you take what's given to you in lack of what you actually need, but don't realize and never will realize because of the distraction of products marketed to you as being what you truly need, and the worst part is you will believe it. The mass man thinks of himself as aware and open-minded when what he really is, is ignorant of what's going on around him, of what truly is. He is built around a few abstractions, he is a standardized man, emptied of his own history. No race, no nation, no culture, no community. A product of the Lowest Common Denominator. And he's been made to think of himself as being unique or perhaps even rebellious and enlightened.
    • The mass man is from a common mold of a trivial man who goes from distraction to distraction, who falls prey to absurd fashions, a society dominated by mass men overtaken by mass psychology. With no moral courage but venal conformism. Not thinkers but, unconscious believers. Emotional thinkers, not rational thinkers. The mass society of mass-men crushes everything that is different, continuously lowers standards, with Mediocrity as the Great Equalizer. A society that hates everything that is excellent and qualified.
    • The citizens are kept happy and motivated by a mixture of food and entertainment. Eating and laughing themselves towards the edge of the cliff and in their conformity, socialization, autosuggestion and current comfort, wont turn their eyes away from what's distracting them. The mass mediocratic culture is trivial, shallow and narcissistic.
    • How long are the makers, the producers supposed to keep the quality of societies alive when leachers are being elevated to the makers level. Whilst the makers gets degraded all in the name of equality. How long will a castle built on pedestals of sand stand? How long will lies be believed to be truth and how can it, when the inevitable happens? Those who are immersed in it will eventually break down, when their sources of narcissistic supplies dry up, when they grow old, when their money or drugs run out, when they wake up alone.


  • Todo: Sexual arousal strategies by the media / marketeers.
  • Forum post: "When a man has excessive semen loss it is like a male 'period' and it tends to 'pussify' him. That is why porn is widely unregulated. TPTB know this and on another thread from a couple of days ago there was article about the U.N. trying to teach kids about masturbation. I didn't believe any of this when someone told me, then I practiced abstinence and now I have females chasing me. I'm more bold. And I don't take sh$t off anyone. I don't pretend to have enough self-control to be completely chaste but a little restraint is the ideal re-charge to the old batteries down below. By the way, if you do the research, some of the greatest geniuses were completely celibate. Nicola Tesla was one of them." ... [response:] "I have noticed this after about 6 days too.. it doesn't seem like I'm doing anything different but people's reaction to me does change." [4]

Fear based programming

Health stress

Social stress


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