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Pine cone

  • Ancient depictions:

  • Roman Catholic:

  • Various:


Sacred blue lily

  • Various notes:
    • Various names: Nymphaea caerulea, Egyptian blue lily, Sacred blue lily.
    • This is an entheogenic plant (see also this video).
      • "It was considered extremely significant in Egyptian mythology, since it was said to rise and fall with the Sun. Consequently, due to its colourings, it was identified, in some beliefs, as having been the original container, in a similar manner to an egg, of Atum, and in similar beliefs Ra, both solar deities. As such, its properties form the origin of the lotus variant of the Ogdoad cosmogeny. It was the symbol of the Egyptian deity Nefertem." [11]
      • "The blue lily does have psychoactive effects, but in my experience it is not a trip like acid or peyote, and instead is very mild, more so than marijuana. It is however a very powerful aphrodisiac." [12]


  • Various notes:
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Sacred Lotus

  • Various notes:
    • Other names: Nelumbo nucifera, Indian lotus, sacred lotus, bean of India, sacred water-lily.

Nymphaea lotus

  • Various notes:
    • Alternative names: Tiger Lotus, Egyptian White Water-lily.
    • It grows in various parts of East Africa and Southeast Asia, and is known to flower at night and close in the morning and remains of the flower have been found in the burial tomb of Ramesses II.


  • Various notes:
    • To research: Is it true that all flowers originated from the rose?
  • 5-pedaled rose, rose cross:


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