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“Politics offers yesterday’s answers to today’s questions” - Marshall Mcluhan
“It doesn't matter who the people voted for, they always vote for us” - Joseph Stalin
“Hypocrisy trumps democracy” - J. S. Hirschhorn
“After decades of lesser-evil voting I found my inner conscience and commitment to political dissent, to what I call progressive civil disobedience.” - J. S. Hirschhorn


(todo: rewrite and restructure)

Government should never be trusted, it should always be seen with a cynical and realistic eye. The constitution and extended laws to keep its balance in check should be made from that point of view. Once the government oversteps its contract, it (the people/institutions involved) should be punished and pay reparations. People should learn more about real self-responsibility and the communal bonding of shamanism, and all that goes with it: nature and science, natural healthcare, home-community style education, local/social activism, entheogens (making/finding/sharing them yourself), etc.

The media focus on Bush & Co is not just tiring, but also counterproductive, because a regime change won't really change the fundamentals. The forces against democratic influence in the US are now so great, that the recovery of true democratic influence can't simply be done via the traditional political parties.

Examples of these fascistic forces in the US:

  • Rigged voting systems.
  • The ever growing military industrial complex.
  • Corrupt inner cores within the Republican and the Democratic party.
  • The private Federal Reserve stealing income wealth, leading to: debt, financial slavery and ulimately poverty and violence.
  • Total media control and ambient mainstream media propaganda by a small group of corporate elites and governement representatives.
  • Secret societies influencing national and international political agenda's and actions.
  • Corrupt and biased think-tanks/lobbyists authoring governmental policies and legislation.
  • The stock market money robbing/laundering, and the corrupt monitoring by the SEC.

Besides the awareness among voters about the current political state of the US, fresh political options (decentralization, smaller government, more community/volunteer participation, etc.) and better representational systems need to be used to recover the loss of democracy. What is also needed is to focus a bit more on the financial side (such as central banking/pension/stock/gov-budget fraud and corruption), because this is the energy which feed these neo-fascistic networks.

Please don't fall into the trap of labeling people and actions as simply "republican", "democrat", "conservative", "liberal", "terrorist", "communist", "patriot", "conspiracy theorist", without further thought. Otherwise these terms do no justice to the underlying facts, which can be acts of violence, greed, and injustice (or simply the opposite). The "neo-con" label is simply just an euphemism for modern Fascism.

When one starts using the word "bipartisan", you are playing into the hands of the controlling elite (think about that!). We must educate people about the subtle trap which has been set. The US political landscape consisting of two main parties is almost completely gamed in favor of the fascistic structures. Eg. several US presidents and potential candidates are members of the secret, moloch worshiping, Skull and Bones society. These influential politicians are selected based on their value for furthering the goals of their international fascistic network.

Don't expect any important changes to be made by the Democrats or the Republicans, to prevent further escalation of fascism in the US. The higher echelons of those parties won't let that happen. If change does happen, they will strongly fight the persons responsible for it (see the JFK assassination, and many other similar cases). Change will only happen by large scale grassroot efforts by the people. The effectiveness of these grassroot efforts will depend upon the sustained, well coordinated, and - most importantly - well educated approach of people.

Masonic take-over

  • todo: socialism, communism, nazism, ... (as governmental take-overs)
    • Robert Welch Speech 1974 [1]
    • research the influence of suspicious groups (Vatican/Jesuits, big corporations, ...)
  • todo: neo-conservatism, are corporate/Illuminati take-overs of government
    • example: United States
  • common elements: (constitutional) law changes, desire for total media control, false-flag operations, lies, propaganda, human-rights abuse, military spending increase, ...
  • differences:
    • corporate take-overs can utilize the monetary system to force subversive changes in society (media censorship through media owner ship, labor structures, taxation, inflation, ...)
    • government / political-party take-overs instead make more use of (legalized) physical force (threats, violence, detainment, torture, murder)
  • Covert take overs
    • Health Industry
      • Ex: AMA witht the destruction of alternatives medicines [2]
      • FDA and Farmers


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