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Benjamin Franklin

George Washington

  • Below are various depictions of "Brother George" (wearing his Masonic apron and sash, gestures, etc.)

  • This marble statue of George Washington stands in the Richmond, Virgina capitol rotunda. This life-sized representation was sculpted by France's Jean-Antoine Houdon between 1785 and 1791. It was raised in the capitol rotunda in 1796, the year Washington published his Farewell Address. [23]

  • "Brother George" is burial site (note the obelisks)

  • Washington's signature

Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart

  • Various notes:
    • Life: 1756–1791
  • Robert Newman research into the "Mozart conspiracy"
    • His upcoming book "The Manufacture of Mozart" (Now canceled? If so, why?)
    • "I am specially interested in the relationship between writers of Mozart's time with the Jesuit Order, since, it seems to me, 'Enlightenment' philosophers such as Voltaire and Rousseau (both hugely important to the Mozart story) were themselves strangely allied during their own lifetimes with the controlling aims of Jesuit Order, even beyond 1773. Indeed, the 'Englightenment' as a movement seems to have been a Jesuit-led strategy which flourished after the same Jesuit Order was officially annulled in 1773. So that the rise of what is generally called 'secularism' in the name of the 'Enlightenment' was very much controlled, orchestrated, and even defined by the deliberate rise of adoration for Rousseau and Voltaire (both of whom had close relationships to the Jesuits and to the fraternities which emerged after 1773). Mozart's relationship with the Encyclopaedists, Diderot, Grimm and others, D'Epinay and others are clear evidence of such a relationship. In 1778 Mozart's Paris patron during his stay there was the same Baron Grimm. I am sure (and have much supporting evidence) that the musical career of Mozart was almost entirely manufactured, falsified, even from the time of his childhood onward by the fraternities of the Holy Roman Empire, this involving the supply to Mozart (even after his death in 1791) of music he never composed but which, being published and performed in his name as 'evidence of his genius', eventually, led to a Mozart-dominated musicology, the hijacking of historical reality, the destruction of musicology itself, and the control of what is taught and believed on music in this important period of musical history. The musical evidence (from manuscripts etc etc) is now very clear. And other researchers are increasingly agreeing with this view. In my research over the past 15 years or so I have become more and more certain of all the above. Certain too that the secret fraternities of western Europe (such as the Rosicrucians, the Freemasons, the Illuminatists) have invented idols of their own, of which Mozart was one, so that they could, by controlling their mythical status in the academic world, shape and even define our 'education' far more than is generally realised." [24]
    • audio interview: "Robert Newman: The Mozart Myth"
    • "arcticbeacon.com: The Manufacture of Mozart"


Giuseppe Mazzini

  • Various notes:
    • Life: 1805–1872
    • Mafia Founder - Sicilian mafia member
      • Mazzini also had formed a society in Sicily called the Oblonica that means “I reckon with a dagger.” As is typical with the Masons, Mazzini formed an order within an order. This elite inner group was called by a term most people will recognize ~ the Mafia. The name is an acronym for Mazzini Autorizza Furti, Incendi, Avvelenamenti ~ Mazzini authorizes thefts, arson and poisoning.
    • Jesuit Priest & 33° Grand Master (according to Dr. John Coleman [25] )
    • Founder and Leader of many Revolutionary Terrorist organisation
    • Mazzini, Giuseppe Italian patriot and theorist of the Risorgimento. A member of the Carbonari (Italian republican underground) from 1830, he founded the ‘Young Italy’ movement in 1831, dedicated to the unification of Italy. He fought in the Revolutions of 1848, and ruled in Rome in 1849, but was then exiled. Unlike Garibaldi or Cavour, Mazzini remained committed to popular republicanism.
    • With the support of two other prominent Masons, Guiseppe Garibaldi and Count di Cavour, he founded the Italian Union in 1870, and drew the boundaries of the Papal State within its present borders. Afterwards, Italy entered a process by which it became increasingly distanced from religion, and that was to prepare the foundation for Mussolini's fascist dictatorship in the 1920's. In short, we can say that Mazzini, Garibaldi and Cavour were three prominent leaders who performed important functions in the struggle against religion in Europe.
    • Mazzini was not only a political leader in the struggle against religion, he also played a role as an ideologue. His slogan "every nation a state" was the spark that ignited minority rebellions, which were to be the cause of the fall of multi-ethnic empires, such as the Austro-Hungarian and the Ottoman Empires. This slogan of Mazzini alienated people from their sense of religious fraternity; it was a call that pushed them into ethnic conflict with one another and inspired them to "fanatical rage."(Qur'an, 48: 26). The fact that this call came from Masons, indeed, high-ranking Masons, is certainly significant. [26]

Albert Pike

  • Various notes:
    • Life: 1809–1891
    • 33rd degree mason (title: "Sovereign Grand Commander")
    • Confederate General/sent to jail
    • Pardoned by mason president Andrew Jackson.
    • Morals and Dogma/could summon Lucifer with bracelet?
    • Founded the Ku Klux Klan (KKK).
    • Statue in Washington D.C. (only other southerner in north w/statue Robert E. Lee).
    • "Who was Albert Pike?"

Cecil Rhodes

  • Various notes:
    • Life: 1853 - 1902

Winston Churchill

Aliester Crowley

Harry Truman

Masonic function:

Presidential function:


Prince Edward, Duke of Kent

  • Prince Edward, Duke of Kent ("Edward George Nicholas Patrick Paul")
    • Life: 1935-
    • "The Duke of Kent carries out royal duties on behalf of his first cousin, Queen Elizabeth II." [27]
    • See also: United Grand Lodge of England, Duke of Kent aristocrat title
    • "World Freemasonry being controlled directly by the Queen's first cousin, Prince Edward, Duke of Kent, as "Most Worshipful" Grand Master of the United Grand Lodge of England (also First Grand Principal of the Supreme Grand Chapter of Royal Arch Masons of England & Grand Master of the Order of St Michael & St George). (also Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons & Grand Master of the Order of St Michael & St George). As direct descendant of Saxe-Goth-Altenburg's Duke Ernst II, protector & inheritor of Adam Weishaupt & his Bavarian Illuminati secrets, it would seem that Leo Zagami's statement that the Duke of Kent is the head of the Illuminati would have far more credence than other claims that the Scottish Lord Jacob (James) Rothschild, as current head of the House of Rothschild is, or that Guy de Rothschild was (as claimed by Stewart Swerdlow) or even the almost-certainly fictitious Marquis de Libereau of Swerdlow's female counterpart mind-controlled Arizona Wilder, the latter IMO assessment being fed a script by Brian Desborough, a shadowy writer & creator of the shape-shifting Reptilian Illuminati psy-ops project that stung David Icke (who this author believes to be a Jesuit Teporal Coadjutor), who I personally believe to be innocent of acting in bad faith, even if those who sent the post MK-Ultra agents to throw him off the track weren't. The Duke of Kent is married to a Roman Catholic, as is his son, Lord Nicholas Windsor, who was married last year in the Vatican in a clear demonstration of the intimacy of the leadership of so-called Regular Freemasonry, so-called Protestant British Royalty & the anti-Christ Vatican. The Duke of Kent's brother, Prince Michael of Kent, is the Grand Master of the Grand Lodge of Mark Master Masons. Prince Richard, Duke of Gloucester, is the first cousin of the Duke of Kent & Prince Michael of Kent. He is the Grand Prior of the Order of St John (or Most Venerable Order of St John)." [28]
    • "Freemasons open a lodge at Buckingham Palace... but the Queen isn't amused"

Michael Jackson

  • Various notes:
    • Life: 1958-2009
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