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Catholic church sex abuse

"See that you despise not one of these little ones." (Mt 18:10)
"It were better for him that a millstone were hanged around his neck, and he cast into the sea, than that he should scandalize one of these little ones." (Lk 17:2)

Institutional sex abuse

Institutional sex abuse, is probably driven by the fact that masons believe that having sex with young children will make upi live longer:

"Sexual vampirism goes on and this explains why there is an epidemic of child sexual abuse among Masons, as they believe (also commonly held among Illuminists) that if you have sex with a child you steal some of their youth and that in turn makes you live longer, and if you have sex with lots of children and the younger the better, you can live virtually forever and this is the promise held out by Masons."--Bill Schnoebelen (Interview with an Ex-Vampire).
  • The Franklin Cover-up: Financial swindle, drugs trafficking, Iran-Contra money-laundering, nationwide child abuse ring, and ritual murder.
    • to research: Boystown
  • Casa Pia:
    • Casa Pia child sexual abuse scandal:
      • Portugal rocked by child abuse scandal
        • After ruling that the vast majority of the charges had been proven, they handed down guilty verdicts to six of the seven people on trial:
          • Silvino, a 54-year-old former driver for Casa Pia who abused boys on hundreds of occasions and later offered them to other men for cash, was convicted on all charges.
          • Cruz and Joao Ferreira Diniz, a doctor, were each given seven-year sentences
          • Ambassador Jorge Ritto got six years and eight months.
            • They also accused Jorge Ritto, a former Portuguese ambassador, of child abuse. Ritto, it transpired, had also once been sent home in disgrace from a posting in Germany after an incident involving a young boy in a park. [3]
          • Hugo Marcal, a lawyer, was sentenced to six years and two months, while former Casa Pia governor Manuel Abrantes was sentenced to five years and nine months.
          • But Gertrudes Nunes, a woman who was alleged to have allowed her house in Elvas to be used by the abusers, was acquitted on all charges.
      • Why Portugal is a haven for paedophiles - the disturbing backcloth to the Madeleine case

Humanitarian child abuse

UN child sex abuse

Ritual abuse

  • "Satanic ritual abuse and Mind Control"
    • Cathy O'Brien (trance-formation.com)
    • todo: research Fritz Springmeier and Cisco Wheeler quote “If we understand programming from the Programmers point of view, they believe in both MPD and demonic possession.” and that the MKULTRA program included the use of Voodoo, mainstream religion and the occult in conjunction with mind-altering drugs.
      • From the programmers point of view, they try to create the alters and demonize the alters. Several ex-Programmers have told Fritz that if a person really wants to understand the Monarch trauma-based mind-control, they need to realize that it is fundamentally demonic-based.</u> Both of the co-authors have had to sit through lectures by secular therapists who dismissed Satanism and the occult as simply as an excuse on the part the abusers to traumatize their victims. According to these secular therapists, demon possession and satanic rituals have nothing to do with therapeutic issues, but are merely games and charades put on by the abusers. We beg to differ with this point of view. Programming and mind-control can not be separated from demonology and occult ritual. Even the “alien programming” uses lots of occult symbols, rituals & spiritual programming.
      • Ritual Example: The demon seer is invoked using the name Shaddai (one of its 9 mystic names). An unbaptized child, who has been taken from Christian parents, is in the middle of the Pentagram, and a live altar consisting of a woman is used. A magic square called Satar formula is carved onto the child with an Eagle or Rooster claw. The child is turned to the 4 directions and then turned face down toward the east. The child must curse and blaspheme God Almighty. Then its mouth is gagged with a purple cloth. Flesh is cut from the child, and mixed with black millet and given to Satan (also called Sheitan). Prayers in Enochian are said. Incense is lit. The child is now sacrificed to Satan, using the ritual athame (perhaps a black handled dagger), while the child is condemned by the cult to hell. This type of ritual is to instill fear of talking and praying into the cult members. One of the secret ceremonies to invoke demons comes from The Book of Beasts. It is an ancient ceremony to summon demons. The ceremony begins with reading the Tetragrammaton Elohim, the Creature of Judgement is invoked, as well as the 9 mystic names of the dead. A child is skinned and sacrificed.(Source:Taken from The Illuminati Formula to Create an Undetectable Total Mind Control Slave (Chapter 10B-) Using Spiritual Things to Control a Person By Fritz Springmeier & Cisco Wheeler)
  • entheogen.com forum thread



  • The all seeing eye is not just a sign of knowledge, leadership and watching over the flock with an iron fist. The all seeing eye also represents the anus and sodomy which empowers the attacker, especially if the attack happens within a circle. [4], The Unhived Mind Interview with Craig Oxley
  • Todo: Bill Shcnoberlen said the same. research his statement in Interview with an Ex-Vampire.






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