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The Babylon Matrix

"The system of Sin and Evil by which Satan himself, through a higly organized network of spiritual, cultural, social, philosophical, political, and economical components, manipulates Humanity to his desired destructive end; this is in direct contradiction of, opposition to, and in rebellion with The Kingdom Of God"

Realizing that ha-satan has inspired every system of false worship and service since the world began, and in particular, the Nimrod/Semiramis cult propagated by his mother after Nimrod’s death, we will now begin to understand just how subtle and deceptive he really has been.
But first, how does deception work? Deception often works through the use of symbols. Why is this? By focusing on the symbols people lose sight of the true meaning behind the symbols and, as a result, see no harm in their practices. Therefore, we should not be surprised that ha-satan’s deception and subtlety occurs primarily through the use of symbols. Symbols and symbolic items or emblems have always been important in religious worship of all kinds – the true as well as the false.

"The essence of Babylonianism, as we understand from Scripture, is the attempt to gain earthly honor by means of religious authority. That is Babylonianism, and it has pervaded Christian churches, Hindu temples, Buddhist shrines, and Mohammedan mosques. Everywhere it is the element that marks falseness in religion-the attempt to gain earthly power "Temporal Powers" and prestige by means of religious authority "Spiritual Power". That is what Nimrod began and what God will ultimately destroy, as we read in the book of Revelation."



Bible prophecy
How Do You Interpret Bible Scripture and Prophecy
Book of Revelation
Number of the Beast
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Black Magic
Introduction to black Magic
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The Tower of Babel
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Mystery Religions
What were the mystery religions?
The Mysteries
Secular Humanism
Symbolism is the language of the Mysteries
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Catholicism and the Holy Roman Empire
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Jesuit Order
Jesuits & 4th vow secret oath
Primary Goals of the Order
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Jesuit Superior Generals
The Matrix
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Sexual abuse
Media mind control
Predictive programming
False media
Tavistock Formula
Occult symbolism Intro
Part I (Egyptian mythology, Pyramid, All-seeing eye, Obelisk)
Part II (Astrology)
Part III (Stars)
Part IV (Cross, Rods, Awen, Thunderbolt, Bell)
Literature Vatican network
New Age agenda New World Order Persuasion and Brainwashing
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